About us

Capital Holding founded by Nurali Aliyev is the largest private investor in the economic sector of Kazakhstan, and has been successfully developing on the domestic market for over 10 years. Capital Holding is made up of the most talented people and we do everything possible to ensure that they have achieved success, presenting them with unique opportunities for professional and personal growth. Our knowledge and experience allow us to understand the long-term prospects of development of economy and business. We take an active part in discussing the most urgent problems and we share our ideas and experience with the business, social and political community. Nurali Aliyev’s Capital Holding is aimed at fostering long-term cooperation therefore building a confidential relationship with our partners and we continue to expand partner network. Also we consider specific features of each project and we seek to create additional opportunities of increase in its efficiency.
 Capital Holding promotes the economic growth and competitiveness of Kazakhstan, becoming the strategic partner and getting assets in branches with a considerable potential of growth. The company believes that due to a responsible approach of highly professional managers and introduction of advanced technologies in business processes perhaps considerably to improve not only quality of rendering of services of the domestic companies, but also to increase competitiveness of Kazakhstan in the world market.
 Development of the new fast-growing markets of various branches of economy, implementation of new successful business projects, with using of advanced technologies and team of highly professional experts and managers of different levels.
We transform business processes taking into account introduction of advanced technologies.
Individual approach to each project with a conclusion to efficiency.
Constantly we improve business processes and we improve quality of service.
We adhere to flexible investment policy.
We do our employees successful and we invest in their professional development.

Social responsibility is an important component of work of the company. For employees it is financial and social security, stability, confidence in tomorrow, for the employer it is a responsible business. There is stated in Capital Holding: "It is impossible to treat work formally, it is always necessary to seek to change the world to the best". Consultants participate in transformations which are lit in news worldwide therefore even demand the maximum level of responsibility even from the first project from trainees. Teams are selected so that each of its participants could realize the potential completely. From trainees to partners every day study thanks to such system and lack of rigid hierarchy in Capital Holding.

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